Hi, I’m Sherille. I’m a Bestselling Author and Certified Transformational Coach for Divorced Women.

Divorce doesn't have to define you!

Rediscover Your Lost Spark

Reignite Emotional Strength, & Redesign a Life,

You Can’t Wait to Live.

Happiness is your birthright, and I want to make sure no one and nothing steals it from you.


Feel Like Your Life’s on

Mute After Divorce?

It can be brutal.

One minute, you're planning vacations and family dinners; the next, you're staring down a mountain of "what ifs" and a loneliness that chills you to the core.

Suddenly, the future you envisioned feels like a pile of dust. Loss of income, loss of identity, even the loss of friends you thought were "ours."

Heartbroken, confused, anxious, angry, and terrified – may be your new normal. You're just left there on your own to face…

Financial Insecurity

Social Awkwardness

Grief for the Future

Doubts About Yourself

It can be a lot to process!

I know because I’ve lived that, too.

Lost in the post-divorce aftermath, thinking if happiness would ever be an option again. Especially if you've been married for 10, 15, 20 years or more,rebuilding a new life can feel like starting from scratch.

But no one tells you this: your happiness isn't tied to your relationship status.

You are your own person.

Remember the smart, confident, and ambitious woman you were before?

She's still there, maybe a little bruised, but definitely not broken. You've conquered challenges and achieved goals on your own before, haven't you? This is no different.

You are capable of incredible joy, strength, and fulfilment, regardless of what anyone says or does. Your happiness is waiting to be rediscovered, and you have the power to create a future that feels a breadth of fresh air – even after divorce.


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My Story

Hello, I’m Sherille!

Chances are you’re here from my Instagram, maybe read a featured article or podcast about me somewhere, or perhaps a friend who's been there for you casually mentioned my story (thanks, friend!). Whatever the reason, I'm so glad we’ve finally met.

See, when I say I've been in your shoes, I genuinely mean it (been there, done that, got the emotional baggage!).

I used to think facing my child's cancer diagnosis while pregnant was the ultimate test. But divorce? It's a different kind of hurt. It shakes your whole world and forces you to rethink your life choices.

My story isn't all sunshine and rainbows. After being divorced, I was a mess. Gained a whopping 28 pounds in just 8 months (stress does crazy things), completely unaware of what’s happening around, and clung to the wreckage of my old life.

But deep down, I knew I couldn't stay like this. So I did what any stubborn, determined woman would do: I picked myself up, used all that pain as fuel, and began my self-improvement journey.

Invested in many therapies, online courses, and mentorship, and even explored some unconventional healing methods.

Prioritized my health, starting with small changes like nutrition-rich meals and gentle exercise routines.

Rebuilt my support system. Some friendships faded during the divorce, but the true ones grew stronger.

Forgave others and, more fundamentally, myself. It wasn't easy, but it was necessary to move on.

Reconnected with my passions. Buried under the stress, all my interests had faded.

This self-discovery wasn't linear.

There were setbacks and moments of doubt, but I kept pushing.

Today, I'm a healthier, happier, and more confident version of myself
But most importantly, I'm a proud mom, an "thought leader,author," and a successful
post-divorce transformation coach.

Age 36. Divorced, Single Mom, and Blindsided.

Felt Clueless, Miserable, and Afraid All the Time.

Struggled with Basic Financial Expenses.

Gained 28 lbs in 8 Months (YIKES!)

Age 45. Healed from the Past Trauma, Self-Loving, Empowered, and Raising Independent Young Men

Discovered Mental Strength, Clarity, and Inner Peace.

Founder of a Successful Coaching Practice and Thought Leader in My Industry.

Body in Healthy Homeostasis. Feeling and Looking Fantastic!

After reinventing myself, I realized my journey wasn't just about me. It was about supporting countless other women facing the same storm of divorce.

Traditional therapy can be great, but sometimes you need more. You need someone who's walked the walk, who truly gets the emotional rollercoaster, the heartbreak, the identity crisis, and the never-ending self-doubt.

That’s why I decided to use my real-world experience,

the lessons learned, and the tools I gathered on my journey (think empirical-based science, spirituality, alternative healing modalities) to help other divorced women silence their inner critic, shatter emotional blocks, and ultimately become a creator of their new lives – all while falling in love with themselves again.

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